Our Team

We're dedicated to giving you the highest degree of personalized care available. If you haven't already, visit us today to meet your new healthcare family.

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Terry, RPh

  • Pharmacist & Owner
  • Terry has been a Druggist member since 1975 and owner since 1985.

Megan, Pharm D

  • Part-Time Pharmacist
  • Megan serves us as a Pharmacist when she's not being a full-time Mom.

Jennifer, CPT

  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Jennifer is invaluable in navigating today's managed-care insurance maze.

Yolanda (Yolly)

  • Front-End Buyer & Cashier
  • Yolly is in charge of buying all the gifts and cards our customers love.


  • Manager of US Postage
  • Andrea makes sure your packages get where they're supposed to.


  • Cashier & Bookkeeper
  • Glena helps us manage everything from the point of sale to keeping the books.


  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Our newest member to the team, Yvonne helps us provide you with the best customer service.

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f: 714-963-1705